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so an ultra compact fixed 35mm camera or an interchangeable DSLR?
Posted by: mdwsta4<sup>TM</sup> UROSLUT (227) on 2016-09-02 00:31:37
In Reply to: Another FF poll: Sony RX1R Mk II vs D750 + a couple 1.8 Nikon primes? posted by JeffAhn on 2016-08-30 13:59:28

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The answer is whatever you want to carry.

I had the original RX1 and while the auto focus was abysmal, the image quality was stunning. I did feel it was *too* small for my hands though (and I hardly think I have massive hands). Much prefer the slightly larger size of an x100.

Why does the camera have to be 'full frame'?
post follow up

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