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35mm is typically a great focal length for being up in the air
Posted by: mdwsta4<sup>TM</sup> UROSLUT (227) on 2016-09-02 00:47:05
In Reply to: Photos from a helicopter ..tips/tricks? Need advice posted by imawesome on 2016-08-27 21:51:31

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Anything too much wider you'll lose the details. Anything longer and you'll be too close to the subject. That obviously depends on where you're flying, but so far I haven't had any flights where that's been an issue. I've been up in a helicopter 4-5 times to shoot now and it's always an amazing experience. Will typically shoot f4-8 and 1/1000-1/250 depending on lighting conditions. If you have the choice, doors off. Always.

Here are some examples

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