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That is a transmitter.. But it's rather primitive, it will just fire the flash
Posted by: Tokiman (305) on 2016-09-19 20:45:39
In Reply to: Okay cool, ty. Why does it seem that.. posted by AudiSportB5S4 on 2016-09-15 16:35:27

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no control of the settings remotely. It's not compatible with the newer godox transmitters/recievers either.

The other system that noel is pointing to does have support for remote control of the flash settings, but like I mentioned before, the flash's ability to understand them is all over the map.

The ideal scenario that the X1/R2 system was designed for is to control godox speed lights and godox strobes. The newest Godox speedlights/strobes (AD600, V865II, AD360 II, tt685 etc) do not require a receiver, the receiver is built-in. Asssuming you don't have one of those, you need a receiver unit as well to attach to your flash, with the caveats I mentioned above that some works and sometimes it doesn't.

The godox system X1 transmistter is the most complete functional wise, but the XT32 is newer although it doesn't support TTL. It seems logical they will make a replacement for both the X1 and the XT32 in the future, because both of them have annoying things about them.

Godox/Flashpoint have done a HORRIBLE job trying to name their products and explain compatiblity. About the only way to figure it out is to use an article that maps the names, like this http://flashhavoc.com/godox-flash-system-overview/
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