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If you're reasonably handy, you can modify Sony's wide-angle converter for its 28mm lens...
Posted by: Audii-Ho (502) on 2016-09-28 03:27:24
In Reply to: fair point on the sensor origins....yea the rx1r seems like a pure splurge & an emotional pick posted by JeffAhn on 2016-08-30 23:16:28

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to fit on the lens bayonet and provide you with an optional ~25-27mm FoV (because the actual FoV of this lens is slightly wider than its nominal 35mm):

Although the IQ does take a small hit, especially in the far corners, and I don't use mine very often -- maybe 10% of the time, at most -- it's nice to have the option and it's not very expensive nor annoyingly large or heavy to carry. Alas, I'm not aware of any tele-converter that works equally well...

I know nothing of the Nikon, so have nothing to offer there, but i do have three other comments to offer about the RX1 series cameras generally:

1) Buy lots of batteries! I carry six with me when I'm in the field and there have been times when even that wasn't enough to get me through a full day of walking around NYC with a camera.

2) I have two RX1s and have been using them almost exclusively for everything I photograph over the past 18 months. I actually find having only one focal length to be liberating, not limiting, but not everybody feels this way, so before you make your decision, do give this some thought.

3) Reliability is potentially an issue and the cost of repairs can be eye-popping. The autofocus mechanism on one of my RX1s failed after it rolled off my bed and fell 24" to a carpeted floor. The camera still works, fortunately, but I have to focus it using the macro ring, which can be a PITA at times (which is why I bought a second one.) Sony's repair center wanted to replace the entire lens for $1,200+ rather than just the failed part, due to the camera's modular design, which requires whole modules to be replaced instead. This makes the cameras less costly to manufacture (yay!), but more costly to repair (boo!), and I was able to buy another VG+ condition used one for less than the cost to repair my original one.

On the whole, though, I'm still very happy with mine. Surprisingly, for my purposes, the original RX1 is actually a better camera for me than the RX1RII, because most of the changes Sony made -- I hesitate to call them improvements -- make the camera less useful for me, not more.

But with the type of photography I prefer (long-exposure, nighttime stuff converted to B&W), I'm somewhat of an outlier, so that's probably to be expected... <shrugs>

P.S.: There are some very good color profiles floating around, so the color issues can be adequately addressed. Also, RAW Therapee does a great job with converting the raw files to .tiffs ... better, IMO, than any other software. But again, I'm an outlier, so YMMV...
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