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Fall colours in Algonquin Provincial Park
Posted by: Tanner (612) on 2016-10-11 12:49:37

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Knew that heading up there would be at the worst time for the fall colours given the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. 9km lineup to get into the park that took three hours. Knew that traffic would be bad but didn't think it was this brutal, couple of times I'm cursing and wondering if I should have turned back but we stuck it out. Left at 9:45AM, started the hike at the trail at 5:00PM. NUTS! Next year, I'm taking a day off and head up on a weekday as I should have done this year.

Somewhere near the start of the 9km queue...

Somewhere between the above and the below, somebody managed to rear end somebody in this slow queue, how does one manage to do that?!?!?? They ended up going to the same trail to exchange insurance information, etc.

Flag at the west gate in sight finally!

The italian greyhound that we're taking care of for a few weeks while the in-laws are away, even she calmed down and took in the view.

Must get at least one picture of people taking pictures of other people taking pictures...

Gorgeous reds...

Somehow our dog Felix knew how to sign the register...

Walking back to the car, wondering should I head back to the west gate or east gate, east gate it was as everybody was heading back to the west gate.

Ended up taking the longer way home from the east gate as it was closer to where we were at, nearly 11 hours of driving that day for a 2KM hike for photos! LOL.

Next time, I'm heading up on a weekday.
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