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I use my wife for it :) She was great at getting our little one's attention...to the point that she
Posted by: 520 (1030) on 2016-11-10 18:09:48
In Reply to: For photographing kids... Flashing light on hotshoe? posted by AudiSportB5S4 on 2016-11-04 21:52:28

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taught her to really focus on the camera on her own, or look away when I ask her, and even pose if I ask her to....at like 2 years of age. She's 3 now and practically my little model :) But as Larry and Phil said, anything that works...gotta be creative and try to engage them, and be ready before you sit them down in the position...you may have few seconds before they decide they want nothing to do with it. We have been known to use candy to bribe her...smarties are good, no mess and when handed out one by one can last few minutes.

2.5 yrs old here for example..

Almost 3 here...she was running up the stairs and I yelled at her..."wait, wait, let me take a picture". She turned around and struck a pose. I fired quickly.

And couple from last few weeks...3 1/2 almost.

post follow up

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