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if your focus is 4k video, skip DSLR... go mirrorless like panny GH4, G7 or sony A6300...
Posted by: larryV (309) on 2016-11-20 21:39:40
In Reply to: Well... Canon 5D Mk4 reviews hurt my heart, who's taking top dog for dslr video capabilities? posted by Pre95 on 2016-11-20 21:14:21

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A7S II if you need full frame, but that's probably overkill for 4k video, and glass is expensive in this mount, though you do get killer high ISO capability

mirrorless are generally better and easier to use for shooting video for most non-professional applications.

Personally I'd go for a GH4 for video.... plenty of quality glass for less $. Skip the new G85 because new in-body image stabilization introduces noise/hum in your audio when recording.
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