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yes, best bang for the $ in e-mount
Posted by: larryV (309) on 2016-11-23 03:59:50
In Reply to: Sigma 19mm f 2.8 as prime for Sony a6000? posted by jr1415us on 2016-11-22 19:36:58

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very useful focal length but not as fast as I'd like from a prime especially for on a crop sensor, but that's just me.

otherwise it focuses fast, is very sharp, small, light, cheap, what else can you ask for? perfect prime for travel or just keeping things small and light.

I used to have one for several nex bodies and an A6000, but ended up using the sony 24 1.8 and 35 1.8 more for speed and because I enjoy shooting wide open. fwiw, I did find the $200 sigma 19mm to be sharper than the $900 sony zeiss 24mm, at least with the copies I had.
post follow up

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