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I understand the allure...I still have a Nikon FE I can't part with...
Posted by: vbmica (7918) on 2016-12-24 07:07:16
In Reply to: Thanks for your feedback (was starting to think this would just get buried). posted by kenTTang on 2016-12-23 20:34:50

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But I really can't imagine ever going back to film - unless you are going all the way and printing your own silver gelatin prints with chemicals and the full darkroom.

Having studied making fine B&W prints with Fred Picker and Ansel Adams I understand the magic and tactile sensations of "real" printing; however,I can do so much more and better and more creative art with Lightroom and print right at my desk - no fumes!

To me, shooting film and having it scanned is a waste of time and is much harder to get good results compared to digital all the way.

Setting up a darkroom will cost well over $1000 and for that you can get an outstanding 24MP Sony A6300 and (adequate) kit lens. No film and processing costs - shoot as much as you want, no waiting, instant results.

I love my Sony. :)
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