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You've got some mileage under your belt! Awesome.
Posted by: kenTTang (385) on 2016-12-27 20:00:12
In Reply to: I understand the allure...I still have a Nikon FE I can't part with... posted by vbmica on 2016-12-24 07:07:16

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My perspective is less from an overall photography as a hobby standpoint and more so from an actual technical shooting standpoint.

Exactly one of your reasons for digital is the very thing I want to explore going without: shooting as much as I want without cost. As someone who has shot and printed digital (albeit the latter at a very amateur level) my whole life, and always having to sift through thousands and thousands of photos upon returning from a vacation etc., I'm intrigued by the challenge of forcing myself to think harder and be more calculated with each shot, rather than have the safety net that I can snap 200 a day and know 10% of them would be great. Just the exercise and mentality of needing to truly get it as right as I possibly could before opening the shutter, that's what's got me interested at this point.

Thanks for all your insight! Hopefully I don't burn too much money before realizing I should just stick w digital :P
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