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I take photos much the same as I always did with film
Posted by: vbmica (7918) on 2016-12-31 09:07:34
In Reply to: You've got some mileage under your belt! Awesome. posted by kenTTang on 2016-12-27 20:00:12

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I use a tripod a lot and was not suggesting that with digital you can just fire like crazy without thinking but rather that you can take lots of photos without any real cost. A point you were making about being forced to think harder (sometimes because we could not afford so much film).

I agree that getting it right in camera was a challenge with film because of the limitations of the film and fixing mistakes was quite hard in post. Many people have gotten lazy because Lightroom can fix so many things so easily. I do still believe that getting it right in camera will make getting fine prints easier.

Yep, I have been around - first SLR was a Miranda Sensorex in 1968 and I was right into the darkroom.

Good luck with your challenge - I doubt I will ever shoot film again.
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