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Interesting. Haven't heard anything about a discontinuation. I bought one a little while back...
Posted by: oreamnos (317) on 2017-01-07 23:51:03
In Reply to: Anyone know what happened to the G7X MK II? posted by TXAH606 on 2017-01-07 18:48:08

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and brought it home to try out. Amongst the various cameras in that class, the feel and handling and controls are just so much nicer than most of the competition (I'm lookin' at you, RX100...). Image quality did not impress me, at least in my quick initial testing, and seemed to be no better than my several years old G15, so I returned it.

Still looking for a better solution in that product space. If I still had the G7X, I'm sure I'd get it mastered a bit better and would be pretty pleased overall.
post follow up

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