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I've borrowed a GH4 recently and loved it for video. Only complaint I have is that...
Posted by: larryV (309) on 2017-01-16 19:36:12
In Reply to: I heard nothing but good things with the GH4 and specs do look incredible with the GH5. posted by PKmode on 2017-01-16 16:10:57

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MFT-sized sensors in general just can't compete in low light/high ISO against the full-frame Sony & Nikon bodies I've been using the last few years. Wasn't a deal breaker since I seldom shoot video in such challenging situations.

The fact that the GH5 will use the whole width of the 4/3rd's sensor for 4k capture along with better noise reduction can only mean an improvement over the GH4 so that's what sold me. Everything else about the Panny GH bodies does video so much better than any other consumer-grade mirrorless or DSLR I've tried out there, including my current Sony and Nikon bodies. And 150-400 MBps internal recording onto an SD card blows everything else away. It's a nice option to have when raw Cinema DNG or ProRes to an external recorder just does not make sense for non-professional workflow where I still want to maximize quality even if it's just shooting family/home/travel videos.

I have both a Mavic and Inspire 2 with X5S. Love the Mavic. For obvious reasons, it's my go-to drone that I can take anywhere and use more often. Its image quality is plenty good enough for just about all my needs and makes be question why I wasted money on a bigger drone that I hardly fly. Plus, I'm always uneasy when I fly the Inspire because it would be an expensive mistake to crash and I always get dirty looks when I fly it because it's so damn loud and obtrusive compared to the stealthy and quiet Mavic. Inspire 2 is far more stable in high winds, has a MFT sensor that's great in low light, and camera gimbal has a lot more flexibility and potential for smoother cinematic footage with just using manual controls without relying on 3rd party automated waypoint software. So there's that. But I can never take the Inspire with me to travel, unless it's just a road trip, and even then the huge carrying case is impractical and will hog trunk space. Mavic makes more sense 99% of the time.
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