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Better lenses? They've been behind the curve per lense since before they fell out of tech w/DSLR's.
Posted by: Mike S (4057) on 2017-01-18 01:26:38
In Reply to: Yeah, Canon has stuck to incremental improvements. I would like to see a revolutionary upgrade posted by TabulaRasa on 2017-01-16 20:55:36

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200-400 took forever (10 more years than Nikon) to come out and came in over double.

Where's their 105/1.4?

Even the L lenses are predominately plastic optics, hence the grey color (keeps head down and slows optical element swell).

As for the DSLR, they are way behind now. About 3-4 years, and selling their lessor cameras for more $'s. There is a reason the "switch" is one directional.
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