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Good information but not quite as I have understood the problem
Posted by: vbmica (7918) on 2017-01-31 04:06:56
In Reply to: Found the answer - someone posted on a Nikon website that apparently Adobe has a standard posted by AudiSportB5S4 on 2017-01-30 14:43:18

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Lightroom displays the stored jpeg version of your image first, then loads the RAW version and that is what you see change.

Tony's workaround is a fairly good one but I think applied in a misleading way.

Here's why: Tony is applying Lightroom camera calibration adjustments to simulate the picture modes that can be applied to your images in camera. If you always use the camera Landscape mode in your images, then using the Landscape preset in camera calibration works well.

If you never use any of the camera picture modes, then I would select the camera standard preset to apply - this should look just like your images on your camera screen.

Note that, as I understand the way Lightroom works, you will still see the jpeg image first, then the RAW file. It's just that the RAW file has been changed on import so now looks like the jpeg and you won't see a change. But it still happens.

I can't remember where I read this - maybe on Adobe's site or lightroomkillertips.com and Scott Kelby's other sites.

If Tony's method works well for you great! You can always stop at any time in the future if things change.

Have fun!
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