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Finally got around to selling a bunch of camera gear I don't use anymore
Posted by: larryV (309) on 2017-02-13 17:50:27

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on fredmiranda... anyone here use them regularly?

I'm still blown away by how great their buy/sell community is... people are honest and forthcoming about what they're selling, there aren't too much annoying low balling buyers, most people are well-versed about their gear, have general respect about the value of things and how fair the asking prices are relative to the condition of gear, and the feedback system is well-moderated. Basically way better than selling on craigslist, eBay, or some other photo forums/sites I've tried.

It's quite a great community to buy/sell gear for those looking to unload or acquire stuff. I've only bought some used lenses from there in the past, but just recently had an unbelievably epic selling experience on there. All last week, I made for-sale postings of 6 camera bodies and 3 lenses. The amount of buyer inquiries were insane and I was fielding a ton of questions all week. Except for one thing, they all sold at or above asking price and by sunday, were all sold. Shipped them all out this morning and now there's a ton of cash in my PayPal account to spend on hookers and blow... or maybe some new gear.

Have a few more things to sell but will take a little break for now. Taking attractive for-sale-ad photos, deciphering shutter counts, writing product descriptions, fielding questions, carefully packing and shipping out all this gear was seriously a full time job. I'm beat.
post follow up

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