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Which mirrorless system to buy into?!
Posted by: jamesrivard (103569) on 2017-06-20 09:39:11

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Hi everyone,

I'd say I am a relapsed enthusiast. I used to do a lot of architecture photography, both analog and digital. I stopped like 10 years ago, because I didn't have the time anymore, didn't feel like it was going somewhere, and - most importantly - I stopped dragging my DSLR around. It was heavy, it was bulky and I felt like I stopped enjoying my walks that got me into photography in the first place.

However, since a few ago, I have that itch again. And badly. I am planning to buy a new body and a couple of lenses to start out with, but cannot decide on which system to invest in. It is quite important for me to have something small and lightweight - so it definitely is going to be a mirrorless system. I know, I want to experiment and get try different things, but feel most attracted to street, portrait and architecture photography. Good Video performance is nice, but to be perfectly honest, I would be surprised, if I'd ever use more than 1080p Video.
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