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Four from my Sunday night outing...
Posted by: Audii-Dudii (502) on 2017-08-01 13:48:37

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I don't usually "work" a scene, but take a photo of whatever it was that initially caught my eye. This time, however, I couldn't decide which of the scenes-within-a-scene I liked best, so I photographed them all!

FYI, when I photographed this area a few years ago, it was swarming with homeless people, many of whom who appeared to be living under the overpass. But on this visit, there were none to be seen anywhere.

I didn't see any "No Tresspassing" signs or evidence of any other efforts to shoo them away. And I doubt that there are any fewer of them, so I wonder what's up?

That said, I did see that all the streets immediately around this area are now posted with "No Parking" signs -- I had to park two blocks away and walk back here to take these photos -- but I don't see how that would have any effect on the typical homeless person. <shrugs>
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