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UPDATE: The Pentax FA Limited lenses were a bust...
Posted by: Audii-Dudii (502) on 2017-08-17 09:24:00
In Reply to: Now with Pentax K-mount lenses! posted by Audii-Dudii on 2017-08-10 19:24:18

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because I simply don't like the way they render images. I've read many good things about them, but they're just not to my taste. Ditto for the Tamron 15-30 zoom and the other Pentax FA prime lenses, including an older design 28/f3.5 shift lens.

On the other hand, the Zeiss lenses are performing exactly as I had hoped / expected, although the 85/f1.4 and 135/f2 have once again proved to be simply too long for the type of photography I do.

At this point then, I'm returning to my friend all the lenses except for the 21/f2.8, 25/f2.8, and 35/f2 Zeiss ZK lenses, which I plan to keep and enjoy for a while longer.

And quite possibly purchase, because he's now decided to sell his Pentax K1 outfit after all and offered these three to me for a total of $1,700, which is a decent bargain.

Better still, he'll give me up to a year to pay him for them via the proceeds from selling my surplus gear, which makes the deal even more attractive.

I'm still concerned about my ability to compose photos with them in some of the darker places where I photograph due to their slow-ish f2 and f2.8 apertures as compared to the Sigmas' f1.4 ... we'll see.
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