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Alas, it happens all the time...
Posted by: Audii-Dudii (502) on 2017-08-20 23:45:03
In Reply to: Moody, I like it. So how many people have reported you for taking photos at night? posted by 1.8TQ99.5 [no more] on 2017-08-18 19:44:16

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and, in fact, a security guard stopped to visit with me while I was taking this photo.

When I first started photographing at night, the police were mostly cool with it, but a few years ago, I started getting hassled quite a bit and ultimately, it reached the point that I was being hassled on every one of my outings.

I started photographing other things due to a change in my circumstances and only recently started photographing in this area again after being away from it since 2014-15.

And to my surprise, the police are no longer hassling me. I mean, at all. They have even driven around me while my tripod was setup in the street without stopping to harangue me.

I have no idea why things have changed, but I'm not complaining. <shrugs>
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