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A few from this weekend's two outings...
Posted by: Audii-Dudii (502) on 2017-08-21 15:30:08

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I wasted over an hour on Saturday night's outing because I realized when I went to take my first photo that I had somehow forgotten to bring a memory card with me ... doh!

Worse, it was more than an hour's round-trip drive to fetch one from home, so I ultimately stayed out until 4:30 am, which resulted in me feeling like complete shit for most of Sunday due to a lack of sleep.

(NOTE: Before I decided to drive home, I stopped at a convenience store just to see if they might have an SD card for sale and to my surprise, the one I chose actually did. But they wanted a whopping $35 for an early generation SanDisk 8GB card -- this was obviously very old stock and probably counterfeit to boot! -- and I wasn't willing to pay that much money to avoid making the drive home and back.)

But I got a few decent photos (including several not shown here, so it was worth it. 8^)

All were taken with my A7R / Cambo Actus combo. The first and second photos were taken using a Sigma Art 35/f1.4 lens and the third and fourth photos were taken with a Zeiss ZK 21/f2.8.

A tiny bit of front tilt was also used when taking the first photo in order to keep the far background sharp ... you gotta love movements, eh? 8^)
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