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Yeah yeah, I hear the same things from others. I get it. I'm not a pro. Have you shot with the A9?
Posted by: PKmode (1327) on 2017-09-18 15:00:25
In Reply to: Yah. It's also a heavy tank, almost up there with the D5, and has no sports limitations like the posted by Mike S on 2017-09-17 15:49:36

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I hear it is really good.

For true pros, such as yourself, the glass lineup or lack-thereof, as well as lack of pro service has been a big problem. I'd tell you both of those are being worked on as a high priority currently but both take time to do right. I also know using adapted, long glass and relying on the AF system is not suitable for pros. The support pro network was previously near non-existent. There are blatant problems for pros, especially in Sport or Wildlife.

I really like Sony's focusing aids, IBIS and other features like a high quality EVF. That is such a game changer alone. I do wish the screen could be turned around to face forward and that is would be a good touch screen like the new Canon system but not a huge deal. I've happily been shooting with an A7RII for a few months and I enjoy the system. Also, color correction is not an issue for me. I send my RAWs through LR and WB is a click away. I do agree it does need to be corrected to be accurate. Much more so than with my Canon Most would say Canon has Nikon beat in that realm, especially skin tones.

As for the Nikon, weight has never bothered me unless working with long glass but then I usually would use some kind of support. If the 850 was released prior to me switching to Sony, I'd likely have gone that route. If I were a Sports or Wildlife pro, it seems only natural.

I'm just a hobbyist who gets paid for occasional jobs. I'm enjoying the tools I have at my disposal though.
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