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I think in Mike's business and all the sports shooting he does, it's all jpeg...
Posted by: larryV (309) on 2017-09-18 23:46:24
In Reply to: Yeah yeah, I hear the same things from others. I get it. I'm not a pro. Have you shot with the A9? posted by PKmode on 2017-09-18 15:00:25

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and he was referring to the colors in jpeg, in that his client base may have an aversion to colors that don't come from a Nikon camera.

As a Sony & Nikon guy myself, I kinda agree with him that in terms of jpeg color, Nikon > Sony. Even with RAW files, I tend to have to make more corrections with Sony jpegs than Nikon jpegs.

But I think Sony has made great strides in that department that their latest bodies have pretty decent jpeg files. When it comes to shooting raw, and doing basic edits in Lightroom, I actually tend to favor raw files from my A7RII than the D810. The A7RII has marginally superior dynamic range especially when I need to recover some shadow detail. It offers more flexibility.

For those who shoot jpeg like MikeS, not sure if you know that most Sony bodies have picture profiles with very deep customization that will allow you to basically fine tune your jpeg to your liking. There's even some guys like Andy Reid who runs EosHD who has made a small killing selling custom picture profile settings to Sony mirrorless shooters who want their jpegs to mimic the color science of Canon DSLRs. I've personally tweaked my A6500 and A7RII picture profiles to basically output jpegs that are now undiscernable from those the come out of my D810, though with certain scenes (like bright outdoors shots with harsh light) I actually prefer the stock Sony jpegs' colors.

Sadly, I think Sony stupidly castrated their flagship A9 by not only removing picture profile customization but also log profiles for shooting video for color grading. That was the dumbest move ever for a flagship camera body and I think Sony knows this and has hinted at correcting this in future firmware updates to reintroduce picture profiles and S-log for the A9. If they do that, then any faults Mike S finds with the Sony jpegs truly becomes a non-issue as you can potentially make it output jpegs that mimic Nikon color science.
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