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depends on how the jpeg is processed....
Posted by: my1stimport (3785) on 2017-10-31 17:27:35
In Reply to: RAW Vs JPEG posted by PeterS on 2017-10-31 15:58:45

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I had a Minolta D5 back in the day. 7.5 mp camera. I dropped it. that is when sony first bought minolta's camera division. I bought an A100 as a replacement.

Exact same sensor, same camera really, except the software. The minolta jpeg was 20% larger in size as a jpeg then the same photo taken in the minolta.

The sony picture never looked as good as the minolta unless I shot in raw and processed myself.

Point being. Much like you can tweak a raw to your hearts content in lightroom or camera raw.....the cameras jpeg compression has it's own settings, and some cameras "compress" more then others.

So yes. Shooting in raw and converting yourself will give you a better image with more controll.
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