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I also have one of those to sell! lol
Posted by: larryV (309) on 2018-01-04 03:43:53
In Reply to: Rx1r ii is another interesting choice posted by hemants on 2018-01-04 01:04:51

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actually the resale value of the RX1R II is much higher than that of the A7R II even though both cameras came out around the same time and at the same price.

My sale is actually pending. I posted it on fredmiranda yesterday and already have a potential buyer at $2300 asking price. Meanwhile I sold my A7R II to the highest offer of only $1650.

RX1R II is an excellent camera though. I think of it more as a full-frame point-and-shoot. Buyer beware that its battery life is awful though. If you think the Sony mirrorless cameras before the A9 and A7R3 are bad with battery life, the tiny NP-BX1 batteries that the RX1R II use are worse! It's basically the same exact battery used on Sony's tiny action cams. This is the one thing I hate about this camera... seems half the time I reach for it to quickly capture a moment, I'm let down by a dead battery. Luckily it has good resale value.
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