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I just upgraded to A7RII from a6000 and am super happy. I've had a6000 since they came out...
Posted by: 520 (1030) on 2018-01-12 22:30:01
In Reply to: Going to Iceland. posted by hemants on 2017-12-28 18:25:43

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so however long that is. Right away, I have noticed that keep rate on my shots is much higher with A7RII. Yes, it's bigger/heavier, but even A6000 didn't go in my jacket pocket unless I had small prime mounted. Most of the time my go to lens on it was 16-70 zeiss so too big to pocket. I always used simple hand strap. In that regard, A7RII is handled pretty much the same, just a tad more weight.

Low light performance and DR are dramatically better, IMO. Silent shutter is so cool too. I love it. I didn't have budget for new III, and figured I'd spend extra $$ on couple FE lenses anyways. Just bought Sony 85mm FE, and love it. Wish I checked in here when I was shopping, would have saved couple hundred through Larry's specials :)
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