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VCDS Remote Convenience Windows for Q5
Posted by: Regina_TTS/Q5 (338) on 2009-05-06 11:12:27

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Okay, so I was slacking on getting this posted. If you've had any experience with VAG-COM/VCDS these changes should be pretty simple to find and do. Even if you are new to the VCDS software, most of the changes you will make use the "Long Coding Helper". This makes changing functions as easy as checking and unchecking boxes. So far the functions that are available to change have fairly self-explanatory descriptions so it should be easy to follow if you venture out on your own.

I don't usually go into much detail to include each step of the process, but since a few people asked, I will try to be a detailed as possible with this first Q5 VCDS post.

For those who are unaware, on continents other than North America most Audis have a "Convenience Window" feature that allows you to open and close your windows and sunroof via the unlock and lock buttons on your key/remote. This function is disabled in North America but can be easily enabled with the Ross-Tech VAG-COM tool and VCDS software.

The procedures are all pretty simple, but keep in mind you are changing certain functions programmed to your ECU by Audi. If you are concerned about damaging your vehicle or voiding your warranty, I suggest you avert your eyes and not play along.

Also note that your Audi dealer will not perform any of these procedures for you no matter how much you beg and plead. If anything they may suspect that you intend to make changes to your car and may question any future warranty issues you may have. As unlikely as it is that adding the ability to close your sunroof with your lock button would affect your ABS system or the latch on your hood, you don't want to give them a bone.

That being said, time to go plug your computer into your Q5.

Open the VCDS software. If this is the first time using it follow the on screen instructions to test the USB port and save the settings. Now plug the VAG-COM scan tool into the OBD Data Link Connector to the right and forward of the hood release inside your Q5. The other end goes into a USB port on our computer. Your vehicle needs to be turned on (key in the ignition lock) or running to access all control modules in the VCDS software.

From the Main Screen click on the Select button under Select Control Module. In the next window that opens click on the button labelled 46-Cent. Conv. In controller 46-Cent. Conv. click the Coding - 7 button to open the Long Coding Helper and Recode Module. Using the Long Code Helper select Byte 2. Tab through until the "02" in line "3)" is highlighted yellow (or move your mouse over it and click on it.) Under line "4)" you will see Bits 0-4 have been allocated the different comfort operations. In the screen shot below, my Q5 had only Bit 1 checked. To enable convenience windows, you want to make sure Bit 2 (Comfort Operation: Remote Control active) is checked and Bit 3 (Comfort Operation: Advance Key active) is also checked. Once Bits 2 and 3 are checked, Exit the Long Coding Helper window and click the Do It! button in the Recode Module.

Pressing the unlock button once on the key should unlock the door(s). Pressing the the unlock button a second time and holding the button down should roll down all four windows. Pressing the lock button once will lock the doors. Pressing the the lock button a second time and holding the button down should roll up all four windows and close the sunroof if it was open.

The other feature that is accessible with this change (which I stumbled upon today) is the ability to change which windows (including the sunroof) open and close with the convenience windows feature.

On the MMI go the the Car screen by pressing the car button.

Scroll down to Windows.

Click on Windows to reveal the Windows Conv. Open menu.

From this menu you can decide which windows will open with the windows convenience feature. All windows and the sunroof will still close when you use the lock button as described above.

Now you can wow your friends with one more amazing thing about your Q5!


DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that I am an amateur. By using any of the material described here you are assuming all responsibility for your own actions and their possible outcomes on your car.
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