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VCDS Fun with "Instruments" for Q5
Posted by: Regina_TTS/Q5 (338) on 2009-05-09 22:41:29

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In the "Instruments" controller for the Q5 there's a few fun features that you can add to your car. You can see below that by opening controller 17-Instruments, using the long code helper and selecting Byte 1 you can add or remove several features. I wanted to add the "gauge sweep" and the the key warning for when the key is out of the car. For the gauge sweep, you want to make sure Bit 0 (Gauge Test/Needle Sweep active) is checked. If you want the key warning, simply make sure Bit 7 (Key Warning active) is checked. (As you can see below, by default neither of these were checked and neither function was activated.) Check Bit 3 (Lap Timer active) if you want a lap timer in your DIS computer functions. Check Bit 5 (Shift Suggestion (Economy) active) if you want an indicator active on your DIS of when to shift in manual mode.

Again, once you Exit the Long Code Helper and click Do It! in the Recode Module, all of these functions will be active.



DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that I am an amateur. By using any of the material described here you are assuming all responsibility for your own actions and their possible outcomes on your car.
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