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Q7 Door Panel Removal...
Posted by: iconoclast (1064) on 2017-04-13 10:16:30

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very simple and straight-forward... i couldnt find one on here so i thought i would give a brief write-up...

driver's side door has four torx screws...

1 - behind the wood/aluminum trim
1 - behind the pdc switch / blank cover
1 - underneath rubber strip in the door pull (center)
1 - very bottom at the center of the door

passenger side (and all other doors)...

2 - behind door pull
1 - behind wood trim
1 - bottom of the door at center

there is a plastic nut on the driver's side door that holds the panel in place... the only way i could figure out how to get the door panel back on it is to remove it from the door frame and plug it into the panel then knock it back into the door frame using the panel.

other than pretty straight-forward.
post follow up

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