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Coming Soon...
Posted by: Laszlo@034 (7821) on 2015-11-22 18:30:25 | Advertiser

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We know a lot of folks have been wanting to upgrade their rear differential carrier / rear crossmember bushings for a while now, and I'm pleased to say that we'll soon be releasing another first for the B8 Audi RS5 Quattro platform!

We've had these on local test cars for a while now, and they take up a significant amount of slop that remains even after you install something like the Apikol differential mount insert up front. Our upcoming 034Motorsport B8 Audi A4/S4/RS4, A5/S5/RS5, and Q5/SQ5 Quattro Performance Rear Differential Mount Inserts are designed to be very simple to install, and we'll be providing full installation instructions at release. :)

Stay tuned for more info, and a forum-exclusive introductory special offer!
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