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Capristo exhaust is on and here is the skinny...
Posted by: Day Trader (2776) on 2015-06-16 20:35:53

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I will talk about the one element that most here will not discuss. As a do it yourselfer and someone that has bought exhaust and installed them myself from manufacturers such as AWE, MillTek, GMG and Borla I will say the engineering that went into the Capristo absolutely shits on others. I would suggest all the sponsors on this board that sell their exhaust to take notes on how to make an exhaust. Is the exhaust worth the money is the question? If you are going to focus on sound alone and pay someone to have the pleasure, and I mean pleasure, to install the exhaust then no.

The hangers are height adjustable which allows you to get the height on the exhaust along with centering of the two pipes to be spot on. The welds and quality of the flanges are second to none. I didn't have to F with the pipes to get them to slide on easily. Really, really well thought out.

Sound: it is not a loud exhaust in my opinion. I didn't hook up the vacuum hoses so the valves are open all the time and I don't find it to be too loud and there is absolutely ZERO drone while cruising even with the valves open. On downshifts there is a nice snap sound that comes from the exhaust if the RPMS settle above 3k upon downshifts. Under load it has a very nice sound. Again, it compliments the stock sound without being "artificial" or loud for the sake of being loud if that makes any sense.

I am blessed and fortunate to have the ability and means to drive a car like the RS5 and slap a $4,500 exhaust on it. I really enjoy the car and get massive amounts of compliments wherever I go. There are a few shortcomings that the car does have but overall it is a great package. Looking forward to seeing what the B9 has to offer.

Thanks for reading.
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