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Installed the 034 chassis brace yesterday. I was skeptical, and still think there is some placebo
Posted by: TwentyValveB5 (312) on 2015-06-22 22:54:42

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at work, but I do believe the steering is actually connected to the car now. The weight of it under Dynamic mode no longer feels artificial, or at least not incredibly so. It's a pleasure to push hard through the corners now. Even under the Comfort setting, it's like I'm still driving a car, not a video game without force feedback. Go figure.

Installation wasn't horrible, but the bad parts were Audi's fault. The complexity of the factory aluminum skid plate is unnecessary, and made it a PITA to access the foremost factory bolts on the x-brace.

Also, the mounting holes for the skid plates don't all line up (fitment of the main six bolts is perfect though), and there's some rattle as a result. The aft of the factory metal plate makes contact against the front of the new x-brace as there are no threads to drive the three 12-point bolts through to attach them. I put zip ties in where I could but they don't cure everything. The only hardware I could fit for the rear plastic skid plate were the rear two factory screws and one of the 034-provided screws + washers in the middle. This rattle is minor, and I only noticed it creeping over drainage ruts and similar road conditions requiring articulation at very low speeds with the windows down. Windows up, at speed, there are no audible side effects.

The piece itself is quality. Comparing it to the factory piece is hardly fair.

Overall, I recommend it. 034 is a quality company with quality products, and this piece is no exception.

Pics! I'm not going to bother with captions. If you can't figure out which is the 034 piece and which is stock, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference in driving feel, either.

post follow up

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