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I'm spaced out and tinted, but not done.
Posted by: MrClean (13891) on 2015-07-01 17:46:23

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It took weeks to get an appointment for window tinting but finally got them done, yesterday. Those folks at AAP (Automotive Appearance Professionals in Columbus, OH) took good care of me and the RS5. This time, I decided to go 50% all the way around the car, including the front windshield. At first, I wished that I had gone darker on the sides and rear, like I normally do, but the classy, subtle appearance of the lighter shaded tint is growing on me.

ECS did their part to help me in my quest for a proper stance and individuality. They've got an off the shelf kit for the A5/S5/RS5 which includes hub centric spacers both front and rear, measuring 8 mm and 12.5 mm, respectively. I think the setup is just right for what I was looking for. Technically, the fronts could probably take 10 mm spacers but I actually like the front wheels tucked in slightly more than the rears. This 8/12.5 setup does just that.

What's remaining...
1) Mute the rear taillights brought to me by Lamin-X and
2) possibly an aftermarket exhaust - still undecided on which one.

I've ordered the Lamin-X "Tint" (lightest shade) film which is pre-cut for the A5/S5/RS5.
post follow up

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