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I have AWE on my S6 and had Capristo on a V8 S5 and there's no comparison..
Posted by: Roswell (3995) on 2015-07-07 15:34:30
In Reply to: Having spent some time with the Capristo now... posted by Day Trader on 2015-06-22 21:14:44

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In fact, I wish I had kept my S5 with Capristo and bought a second car instead of trading.

The sound was wonderful and the valves were open 90% of the time I drove the car but the option was great to have.. The build quality of that system is great and I felt bad abusing it on salty New England roads.

Day Trader -- Did your AWE on the S6 bounce off the cross member? I've got to do something about a rattle and I'm 95% sure it's coming from that.
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