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Just did the pads on my RS5
Posted by: Reggie (851) on 2015-07-15 22:40:14

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I found a great tread for the write-up. I just put Centric Posi on my RS5 (have used them on my 08 RS4 and my Q5 and have loved them for street use) and this writeup helped tremendously. It allowed me to contact Dave at Zeckausen to send me the correct pads with the cutout for the sensor before I started the job. Great service by Dave. Even answered a technical call I had on the the job. I had only 130 miles on the car so I didn't even have to push in the calipers - easiest brake job I have ever done.

It appears someone from Michigan is trying to buy my old RS4 from the dealership
post follow up

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