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Dent, or no dent?
Posted by: mattwestside (1779) on 2015-10-14 23:26:50

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Picked up an awesome example of the Misano w/Black Optics (thanks Day Trader for taking care of her), but I noticed something I hadn't seen before when the car arrived in LA after being transported in a covered carrier. Possibly a dent, or possibly a character line/C-Pillar/Rear fender 'meeting point.' RS 5s are rare even in LA, so I can't tell. Here are a couple pics:

First, under heavy fluorescent lighting. Note this is on both sides of the car in the exact same location:

Another shot:

And in typical daylight:

I cannot see it under anything aside from overhead fluorescent lighting, like that found at a gas station. The paint is perfect and there are no 'impact' marks.

What do you guys think - is it a dent, or is it a character line 'nuance'?
post follow up

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