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i nearly had a heart attack today.....i'll let the pix tell the story
Posted by: kinderutz (1496) on 2009-05-14 21:32:11

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and off it goes.....scared the crap out of me....i still cannot understand how it built a nest and lived there for some time, guy drove with the possum wherever and got it back home, possum must have gotten out and went back in there(heck it built a nest)....
Guy came in for his 5,000 miles service......only took 3 belly pan bolts off and...BAM!...possum falls in my lap....looks at me like "WTF!?" and takes off across the shop hiding in some other guy's toolbox.
Oh yeah, i screamed like a little girl :)
I gotta read the fine print in my contract, i'm pretty sure it did not say anything about servicing any possums.
Lol the funny part is that i actually wrote on the warranty line (on the work order)"PERFORMED 5K SERVICE, FOUND LIVE POSSUM WITH NEST IN ENGINE COMPARTMENT, DISCARTED POSSUM AND CLEANED UP AFFECTED AREA"
post follow up

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