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  • Chasing the C4 Cyclamen/Ruby Red Dragon
    Posted by: UrS4boy (137) on 2012-01-30 20:03:43

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    I know that Cyclamen and Ruby Red are very similar metallic wine-red paint colours. I thought that Cyclamen was the UrS4 version and Ruby Red was the UrS6 version. Today I just received a 94 UK UrS4 brochure that shows the metallic wine red as "Ruby Red" with a dealer code of "X6". So I decided to do another investigation.

    Previously I have found this list of 92 Euro C4 paint colours showing Cyclamen:

    And then there was the 93 Euro C4 paint colours, still showing Cyclamen:

    But then we get to 94 and it changes, now it is Ruby Red, no more Cyclamen. I would be curious to know how the two paint "mixes" differ.

    • brown paint code
      Posted by: quattro04 (22016) on 2014-08-03 23:11:25

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      can someone help me? i found a brown urs6 today at the grocery store, i knew i should of taken a picture but I'm trying to find the color code, it wasn't the bamboo metallic it was darker then that
    • Ok, here it goes:
      Posted by: noriceforyou (47) on 2012-01-31 19:13:05

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      I looked up both Z3T and Z3N in my BASF software. Here is what I got:

      LZ3T (Cyclamen)

      LZ3N (Ruby)

      First off, if you search for "Cyclamen", you get some Ford, GM and other colors. No VAG, no Porsche. "Zyclam" nets you no results. My software calls it "Dark Red Met." when you look under the proper paint code. Porsche does not reference Z3T as a color, however my manuals lump VW/Audi/Porsche under the same during 92. Interpret that how you will. Secondly, remember to put the L in front of the paint code if some paint chump is giving you the biz about not finding the color. Now, look at the date range for both...you see overlap. BASF lists the overlap at 93, Valspar lists it at 94. I have NO paper manuals that show both colors at the same time during either 93 or 94. It's either Cyclamen or Ruby.

      Next off, I printed the two standard variant formulas for both paint codes. Here is what I came up with:


      Other than putting in the same amount of reducer, the toners listed are different. I cross-checked all other variants against each other, none came up as having the same formula. That said, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Only real way to know for sure is to do a sprayout. Taking pictures of cars and comparing (when you don't know if the car has been resprayed, or if it is a different variant), hell even taking little chips and comparing isn't super accurate.

      Last, I took pictures of some of my manuals to show the chips:


      1992 Audi RM Diamont

      1994 Audi RM Diamont

      I am going to say that this is a color supercession. There is another Valspar deck that has a two variants per each color code. It is close, but not close enough IMO. Although my paper manuals do not show it, my computer systems show a date overlap. This in my mind may suggest a transition from one color to another, maybe as an update from the original Cyclamen to Ruby Red. At the end of the day, sprayouts on all variants would settle the debate for sure.

      Hope this helps.
    • I'm going to look this up tomorrow under both our Valspar and BASF systems
      Posted by: noriceforyou (47) on 2012-01-30 23:57:34

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      I believe it's either a name change or a paint color change. Either way, I do know that there are different variants for Z3T that don't look exactly the same, even though it's the same code for the same manufacturer.
    • (Edit- link with both colors shown added) BTW, Z3T is also a Porsche color code "Zyclam Red"
      Posted by: boxflares (3668) on 2012-01-30 21:38:54

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      But different color codes proves they're different colors/compositions- what else do you need to know?

      If you follow the link, it shows that Cyclamen is much darker than Ruby.
    • call your local paint shop and give them the color codes. Should be able to give you
      Posted by: eurotuned85 (4451) on 2012-01-30 20:16:11

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      info on the percent of color/base used, stages etc. What is Cayenne Pearl Effect?
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