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Inserting images, video and links


There are two ways to add a picture to a Forum posting. The first is to use the box in the posting dialogue labeled "Image URL". If you put the URL to a picture in this box then it will appear within your post. The second way is to use the appropriate HTML within the body of the message itself. This can be useful for posting multiple pictures in the same post. Here is the sample code:

<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">


You can add video as well. If you use the posting dialog labeled "Video URL:", you can enter a YouTube or Vimeo link:

or a .ogv (Theora), .mp4 (h.264), .WebM (vp8) video:

You can also embed the HTML5 video tag directly

<video src="" controls="controls"></video>
<video src="" controls="controls"></video>
<video src="" controls="controls"></video>

Note that only Theora (ogg container), h.264 (mp4 container), and vp8 (WebM container) are supported by HTML5! To make matters worse, most browsers do not support all of them, and there is no format that all browsers support. Please read this to see which browsers support what.


You can use the boxes in the posting box labeled "Link Url:" and "Link Text:" to add an external link. The actual URL goes in the first, and the text you want to be clickable goes in the second box, which is optional. If you omit the link text, the actual URL will appear as the clickable text.

You can also embed links directly in your text. If you want, be nice when you code your own hyper links;


after your href will open a new tab/browser rather than navigating somebody away from here:

<a href="http://url_here" target="_blank"><img src="http://url_here"></a>
<a href="http://url_here" target="_blank">text_here</a>

Formatting messages using bold, italics, etc.

You can modify your text with various HTML tags. Make sure you use both a starting tag and a close tag.

<font color="red">Colored Text</font>
<big>Larger Text</big>
<small>Smaller Text</small>

  Preformatted text

How to add the "Quattroworld Contributor" logo to your signature

1. Click on Edit Preferences
2. In the Signature area below copy and paste this code:

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