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42 Draft Design shifter bushing (half) install
Posted by: JohnLZ7W (302) on 2015-06-09 20:00:00

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I had this kit for a few months before the TTRS even arrived so I finally got around to installing last weekend. There is now a TTRS specific kit available here although I used the identical mk5 6-speed kit. I only installed the insert for the front-back selector in this install. The front-back seemed to have the most slack anyway so that was my main point of concern. My writeup for the side-side linkage can be found here.

The nice thing about doing the front-back is it is entirely non-destructive and 100% reversible which wasn't the case when I did the same on the mk1. Also, if you're really careful you don't need to readjust the shift linkage. It's a really quick mod with I think very noticeable improvement in shift feel. I think eventually I'll add the other two parts but for now I'm pleased. Shifts are crisper and feel more direct. It's a bit notchier now too but I think a readjustment will clean that up. It gets the shift feel much closer to what I had in the mk1 TT which is what I was after.

On to the install. As always these pics document the process I did but please make sure to follow the instructions supplied with the parts. Mod at your own risk :)

Two notes to start off with:
1) Do NOT mess with the spring on the cable end at any time or remove the cable end from the cable. If you do this you'll need to follow the readjustment procedure.
2) Leave the gear selector in neutral at all times so that you can put the cable end back on without needing to do the adjustment procedure.
If you mess up either of the above things then the install gets a bit more complicated.

Start by removing the airbox. You'll need to remove two T20 Torx screws at the front of the airbox which hold the scoop in place.

And then there are two 10mm bolts to remove, one at the back of the airbox and another on the side near the relay box. CAUTION! Do not remove the cover to the relay box to gain additional clearance. I did this once and created many sparks and scared the crap out of myself.

Then undo the spring clamp for the main intake hose and the spring clamp for the DV recirc hose at the throttle body end. Once all of that is done the entire airbox should lift right out and give you full access to the shift linkage. You'll want to put a bag or glove over the DV relo pipe and main intake hose to avoid dropping anything into the intake tract while working. Also be careful that nothing make it in to the outlet side of the airbox.

Locate the small black cap that holds the cable end on the front-back selector shaft. This simply slides off in the direction shown here. If you've messed with VAG shift linkages before you'll notice this is the same thing but with a fancy black cap.

Next step you'll need to gently pry the OEM plastic insert out of the cable end. Once you've got that free you'll see where all the slack comes from. This insert is in the rubber center but has room to slide back and forth in the cable end. The 42DD insert fixes that.

And here you can see the rubber insert. Don't cut this out! It can stay in place.

So here are the OEM inserts next to the 42DD parts. You can see how much shorter the OEM pieces are and how the 42DD will fill the gaps and prevent any sliding movement.

So now you can start reassembly.
Move the cable end off to the side for a second.

There wasn't enough slack in the cable end to put the inserts into the end and then reinsert it back onto the selector shaft. Instead I put the bottom insert onto the shaft first and then pushed the cable end onto it, making sure it is seated completely into the cable end.

You'll note some red Mobil1 synthetic lube that I used during reassembly and then in the second shot a liberal amount of Tri-flo was also applied. Can't have too much lube.
Then insert the top insert onto the shaft and seated into the cable end.

Finally the top clip can go back on. Here it's separated from the black cap, it easily pries out.

This is where my install differs again from the instructions. I found that the OEM spring clip exerted too much force downward on the cable end and caused it to bind when shifting through the gears. It was even quickly marring up the surface of the top insert just from rubbing into the softer aluminum. To remove this tension I swapped the clip for a 1/4" snap ring, available at most hardware and auto parts stores. I need to find a slightly better fit but I seriously doubt it's going anywhere. It's snugly engaged in the groove and there isn't significant force upwards on this anyway. It also doesn't exert any pressure down and doesn't drag on the clips and shifting is smoother with this than with the clip.

After that just put the airbox back in and make sure everything is reattached. Hop in the car and row through the gears to ensure you have all 6 + reverse. If not you'll need to go through the cable adjustment procedure. Take it easy for the first couple runs through the box on the test drive to make sure everything is engaging cleanly.
post follow up

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