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thanks, getting the even score was the critical move and I lucked out a bit
Posted by: Mark P (1210) on 2016-09-20 14:14:29
In Reply to: That is neat! And great job trimming the ring with hand tools - I would have destroyed it :) posted by DerTT on 2016-09-20 13:46:48

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I roughly knew how much I wanted to recess it and just grabbed a new utility knife razor blade and some scraps on my workbench to create a spacer (cut a piece of dense cardboard) and a guide (flat scrap metal) and just held them together tightly and ran the razor *backwards* around the ring as I found the back edge would score it enough without digging in and getting stuck. Then once I had the score, then I ran it forwards, cutting it deeper. I stopped before I cut off a finger and decided to move on to the cutters and pliers :)
post follow up

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