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Yes, I drove it two weeks ago for the first time. I had a good time although I didn't take any video
Posted by: SevernTTRS (16517) on 2016-09-29 18:39:51
In Reply to: Dennis, have you driven Dominion? if so, what did you think? posted by 1 JEDI on 2016-09-29 15:47:52

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The track needs some work but we talked to the owner and they are aware of most of the issues. First there are a couple of places with some really bad bumps. One place is going under the bridge in a hard breaking zone before you make the left onto the front straight. It really upsets the car and causes havoc with the ABS. The other is right after you make the left onto the front straight, it is a diagonal bump so you kind of feel it four times. If you stay mid track it isn't as bad. They plan to repave these this fall. There are concrete walls between the exit of turn 1 through the entry of turn 3. Not really an issue since they are on the inside of the track except for the entry to 3 where you kind of point the car at the wall before turning right. The curbing they have isn't really race curbing, doesn't extend long enough along the track and is in the wrong place for some turns. I believe this is just temporary curbing that they plan to replace. Finally the worst part is that since the track is so new there is no grass and they really didn't get a chance to address these areas. As a result if someone puts a tire off it throws a lot of dirt and small stones onto the track which has resulted in a lot of cracked and chipped windshields, 25+ in a NASA race they had. The actual facilities are really nice for a new track and we got to watch races on the 0.4 mile oval Saturday night for free which was kind of fun. Is it a track I would go back to, probably but no more than once a year unless they do address the issues then maybe twice a year since it is so close for me. The section of the track from turn 2 thru 7 is quite technical and very tight but the car handled it well and I could even catch the Miata's in that section.
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