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A Sorta Video Review of H&R Sport Springs and Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110
Posted by: Angry Chicken (15243) on 2016-10-11 19:02:33

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YouTube 8NNjgwV6_Ag
From October 2.  This is a kind of sort of review of my new H&R Sport Springs and used Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110 tires, size 255/35/18. 2 things you need to know: 1. I bought these tires used since the tires I had on the car were down to their TWIs and I wasn't going to buy a brand new set of tires for 2 track days. They are not my go-to tire. 2. I like Michelin Pilot Super Sports for an all-around DD/Track Day tire and they're coming out with a replacement model, the Pilot Sport 4S. Was just announced at the Paris Auto Show last week. I can afford to wait until the spring.

A bit of in-car video.  1st Session 1:
In the "Eric Session 1" videos, the track is cool and it was drying out from a previous downpour.  Air temp was around 17 degrees.  No idea what the track temp was.  The Hankooks were hooking up reasonably well, with a little bit of a rumble just before they let go in a controllable slide.  The H&R Sport springs are just a bit firmer than the OE ones and they dropped the car about 30 mm in the back and 35 mm in the front for a slightly lower CG.  Car seems a bit more eager to change direction now but honestly I could be wrong since I've only had the car at the track for real twice including this session.  As for DD use, I'm not sure if these springs are a good compromise.  The car seems a little bit artificially nervous on some bumps that would be soaked up before the changeover.  Again, could be unfamiliarity with the car but I'm not so sure.  I also changed out the two rear Magnetic Ride shocks so between 1. new tires; 2. new shocks and 3. new springs all bets are off whether my seat-of-the-pants-o-meter is wacky or not.

Session 2
In the "Brad Session 1" videos my brother is out on the track in his Cayman with me following.  At around the 6:30 mark of the 1st video he points me by and then shortly afterwards the heavens open up and the rain increases to a big downpour.  I find that I get caught in this weird twilight zone where the tires have no lateral grip but oodles of straight ahead grip.  The result is that in corners where I should be pulling away from my brother's 2WD Cayman, the car is instead performing this lovely and lurid four wheel drift.  I start pulling away from him in the straights only to have him catch me again in the corners.  It was like putting big wooly mittens on and trying to play tennis.  In some ways, softer springs might have helped out or at least a bit less roll stiffness.  If I'd thought of it I would have put the active suspension in Normal mode instead of the Track mode I was using in order to soften the damping up.  It all sounds like fun but it wasn't.  I couldn't feel the tires losing grip as in the dry and I ended up missing apexes and having to be very tentative on the throttle on the corner exit.  Not fun at all.
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