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Rieger Front Difuser installed
Posted by: as350 (927) on 2016-11-20 02:57:37

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This was a very easy and quick mod; took me all of 30 minutes. The Germans don't mess around with quality, I've come to realize once again. There are 15 screws and 6 rivets that hold this difuser to the front chin, which would explain the TUV approval stamp for autobahn speeds. I'm happy with how the hydrographics came out. Most of the faux-cf weave is hidden, so all of the imperfections are out of sight and the front lip of the difuser looks great. Time and miles will tell if this was a worthwhile treatment.

BTW, the clearcoat has a mirror finish so there are lots of reflections in the images of the hidden laser jammers and other hardware installed out of sight beneath the front bumper lip.

It ties together the lower front end nicely. I hope to gain a miopic amount of front end downforce on the track next year. ;-) GT3s beware...

(sorry about the dirty car)

post follow up

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