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P000A camshaft position slow with P0011 and P052A codes fixed with new cam adjuster solenoid
Posted by: JohnLZ7W (302) on 2017-01-06 01:11:46

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Picked up my first CEL last week at 5yrs/58k miles and my generic code reader spit out the P000A camshaft position slow code. I did a quick google search and it seemed like it could be a number of issues and I did not feel like messing with it so took to my local VW/Audi shop (Futrell Autowerks for the locals).

They pulled the additional codes and were able to do the output test on the intake cam solenoid (N205) and found it way out of spec. Replaced with a new N205, part # 06E 109 257P and problem is fixed.

Just leaving this here in case anyone else runs into it so there's at least a post with faults and resolution posted :)
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