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Seems like it isnt too bad, the new baseplate for the fixed wing might be expensive
Posted by: illbill (858) on 2017-01-06 21:08:12
In Reply to: Wingless RS cars, simple to install the factory wing? posted by GramCracker on 2016-12-29 19:29:49

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Getting the motorized one out looks straightforward

"Open the boot. In the pull handle in the middle of the plastic trim are Torx head screws, remove those then the complete trim unclips. Once the inner trim is removed it will expose all the bolts for the motorized wind. I think there's about 10 in total and I'm sure there 8mm

There's a single plug to undo on the loom to the motor. You'll need vcds to code out the spoiler so you don't get the error symbol on the dash"
post follow up

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