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Introduction: new TT-RS owner, longtime Audi fan. Some noob questions + pics.
Posted by: nnnick (9750) on 2017-01-17 20:45:49

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Hi all, I've been around the Audi scene for quite some time and recently sold my B7 S4. After test driving a wide variety of cars including Jaguar XKR, C63 Coupe, E92 M3, E60 M5, and 997 Carrera 2, I chose the TT-RS as my favorite...I then spent the next several weeks scouring every listing on the 'net and test driving three of them to finally acquire my 2012 TT-RS with only 20.7k miles on the odometer. I am IN LOVE with the car. So much speed, I missed having a turbo car...and the handling is great, shifter surprisingly good for stock (my B7 had the JHM kit and still wasn't nearly this short of throws), I love the sport exhaust, etc. The car also already had an APR tune on it, and while I'm not 100% sure which tune I'd pick if I were to start fresh (Iroz/United, 034, GIAC, etc.) but since the car came already tuned I'm not complaining about the extra power :)

Noobie questions:
* Is there really no way to get rid of those pesky amber reflectors other than spending $1400 for e-codes, or doing tint?
* I've pieced together that no one really sells downpipes anymore. Something about heat, and melting, then everyone's downpipes going out of stock. Any good mods to get just a little more sound of the sport exhaust? I don't really want to go with a full aftermarket exhaust as this is a DD and the car sounds really good, but wouldn't mind a little more sound and less restriction. Are piggie pipes (gutted cats) a popular mod for this car? it sounds like this car has two sets of cats (like my S4) and you can just gut the secondary cats and probably still be fine for emissions (I'm in CA). Is that accurate? It seems like an obvious way to go to me, but I haven't read a lot about people doing this.
* Seems like 8mm spacers are about right for the stock rotor wheels to get flush, is that about right? If so perfect as I have a set lying around, just need to pick up two more...although tempted to do 8mm in front and 5mm in back to bull dog it a bit and see if it helps with understeer.
* Everyone seems like the shifter bushings and dogbone mounts as a first "bang for the buck" mod. Agreed? Again coming from a B7 I'm kind of impressed with shifts relative to what I am used to, so was surprised these were so highly recommended.
* I've heard mixed feedback on brakes - I still need to check if my car has the TSB done, but will probably at least upgrade pads and do stainless steel lines. I plan to track occasionally, so will try to find seperate track pads and street pads that can work together. What seems to be everyone's favorites?

Some pics for fun:


IMG_2257<script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Track setup - 18x9 ET52 Fifteen52 Turbomacs with Toyo R888s (bought used from a friend's old S3):


post follow up

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