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Thank you John - love your car. I did see another Aviator Grey for sale when shopping
Posted by: nnnick (9750) on 2017-01-18 04:31:06
In Reply to: Welcome to the club! posted by JohnLZ7W on 2017-01-18 02:14:52

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and almost bought it after seeing pics of your car, absolutely stunning. I went with the white one only because it was lower miles and cheaper, but all things equal man that Aviator finish is incredible. Anyway, super helpful post!

1) For the headlights, I might try to separate them - I know on the B7 the earlier models could all be separated, and then basically Audi revised the glue somewhere down the line and it couldn't be separated anymore when you ordered a new set of headlights. I don't know when that switchover happened, but not till the B7 was out of production IIRC. I have a 2012, so maybe I'll get lucky although my hunch is the separable TT headlights (if any) are the beginning of MK2 platform so 2008 to 2010 or something? I'm not a huge fan of tint, but I guess it's cheap enough I could try it and take it off if I don't like it.

2) Perfect, exactly the ideas I was looking for. Will probably do resonator delete and secondary cat delete, but I like the idea of the flapper for now. My last car was just too damn loud, so I like having options.

3) Cool - I saw the tab trim mod in your photo album, 8mm spacers it is.

4) Cool. Starting to wonder if I already have bushings, but will get together with a friend who has a bone stock TTRS to compare. Maybe it's just that much better than the B7 S4 shifter that what everyone else is seeing as sloppy I see as tighter than a nun.

5) Sweet. All pretty manageable and cheap upgrades. Again coming from B7 platform I ran Alcon BBK both front & rear and had like $5k in brake upgrades, so knowing I don't need to totally replace everything is nice lol. Also plan to do MSS springs and custom alignment down the road, love the MSS kits.
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