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Most likely the PO did upgrade the shift bushings
Posted by: as350 (927) on 2017-01-18 06:35:17
In Reply to: Awesome - brake ducts are officially on the list. Going to compare to a stock TTRS to see if my posted by nnnick on 2017-01-18 04:20:47

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To add to John's exhaustive list, a heavier shift knob helps a bit as well with shifter feel. And beware of the deadly "money shift" that our gear shift cables allow if not careful...

Additional cheap mods to consider are the removal of the rubber weatherstrip over the engine firewall, between the hood and engine compartment. You'll get some more injector ticking noise, but it helps to lower the engine compartment temperatures on track. Also look into getting a rear sway bar. I have an 034 RSB set on soft and it is a good fit with the MSS track springs.
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