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Nice purchase, great color choice and welcome. A lot of great advice from fellow TTRS Owners that
Posted by: TunaTT (19300) on 2017-01-19 04:05:45
In Reply to: Noted. I'm torn on RSB as I want to keep the car reasonable for DD use but I had the posted by nnnick on 2017-01-18 17:06:48

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are much more experienced and qualified than I am but I will add that if I were setting up another one the first things I would upgrade /change would be Tires if starting with a low mileage example that still had the stock Toyo's, not a great tire. Next up would be a set of MSS Adj. Sport Springs (fixed front are also great if you don't want to lower it a little more than the fixed do) along with an 034 RSB, absolutely works on a DD (I DD mine a lot, will hit 125K this week) and I really like how it handles set to stiff. One note on alignment you might want to try, as others have suggested maxing out the front camber is s must (I get -1.8) but I recently had mine set up with -1.0mm toe out each side and the rear camber set to -1.2 with -.8mm per side toe out, I really like this set up and so far have not seen any additional tire wear.
You're off to a great start with a great car, hope you enjoy yours half as much as I enjoy mine. Good luck.
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